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Hero Wars: Beginner Tips

  1. You have to go through the guided introduction with its pop-up dialogue boxes. They are not really dialogues because you do not get to say anything. But pay attention because it is difficult or impossible to restart this game.
  2. The world map is through the Campaign portal on the main screen. It is where most of the guided introduction occurs. Campaign is divided into chapters such as Chapter 1: Ruled by Fire.
  3. Each chapter has a number of nodes. You cannot skip nodes or chapters, but you can go backward on nodes or chapters. Each node has three battles. If you forget, you can tell which battle you are on by the skulls at the top center of the screen which light up from left to right. At least one member of your party must survive the last battle to “win” the node. If all of your party survives the last battle, the node gets marked with three stars.
  4. The most obscure thing for a newcomer may be how you control characters. A portrait of each member of your party appears at the bottom of the screen. Each portrait has two bars under it (although you do not see the bottom — yellow bar — at first).
  5. The top bar — green — is the character’s life. When green bar is used up the character is dead. Dead means dead for all the rest of the node. (There are different rules for Titans which stay dead for a day, but you do not have to worry about that for a while. And of course you may get a revive power, but not soon.) Your regular party members are completely revived and healed when you start a node.
  6. The bottom bar — yellow — is the build up to the character’s special action, which is the first one the character learns. If you use Auto (the green button in the lower right), the character will do its special action whenever the yellow bar is full. But this is not always a good thing. If you are near the end of a battle and the lives of the enemies are hanging by a thread, you do not want to waste a massive attack on them, since they will fall soon to regular attacks. This is why you might not want to use auto. If this is not final battle of a node, you might want to save that special action for the next battle. When the character’s yellow bar fills up, the frame around the character’s portrait will catch fire. If auto is not on, the character will not do its special action until you click on the portrait, but will continue regular attacks until you do. This is really the only control you have in battles in Campaign.
  7. Look for the red dots usually in the upper corners of captions. You need to find out why the red dot appeared. This how you will find many freebies.
  8. You can generally exit anything by hitting the X in the upper left corner of the screen. You may have to exit several things to get back to the main screen. You should do this once in a while to check for red dots.
  9. Go as far as you can in the Campaign. But you will end up stuck. Most of the level building is not done on Campaign. Most of it is done as you equip characters. To do that you will have to collect items which you do by being sent to particular nodes you have already captured. You want to capture nodes when you can so you have more places to look for items, but equipping characters is really where this game is happening.
  10. If you are going to buy things with real money, I suggest you play enough to know whether you like the game and to know what is what so you know what you want to buy.

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